Project Description

Services for Dalit community

MASS is now a well-known organisation in the region not only for devadasi issues but also for its other services. The vision of MASS does encompass dalit communities, other vulnerable women and children as well. Livelihood promotion for ex-devadasis and dalits, services for ensuring quality education to dalit children, campaign against child marriage and legal support for women victims of injustice, are examples of how the work of MASS is not limited to devadasi women and the tradition.

• To ensure that the target women are empowered to access livelihoods, social entitlements and quality education and nutrition for their children.

• To ensure that all women in general and devadasis and dalit women in particular of Belgaum District have a system and a place that they can approach with confidence when they are in difficult situations and require legal assistance. The legal and social environment is made more conducive to safeguard the rights of women and children and act against those who violate the rights of women and children .

• To create awareness among general public on HIV/AIDs and STIs and creating linkages for treatment, care and support services for devadasis, dalit and minority families.

• MASS also supported 2732 members to get a ration card, 1213 members access to free electricity for home lighting, 332 members for smokeless chullahs (hearth) and 67 members to get irrigation bore wells. 30 members get toilet, 24 SHGs get loan from SC/ST Corporation, Revolving fund to 22 SHGs, 59 members get gas, Old age pension to 7 members, 9 SHG & 11 individual get loan from DRP, 14 members get loan & subsidy from Udyogini Scheme , Health card to 4 members, 5 physically handicapped member get subsidy & 3 get pension.